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Kelly's Story

"I ordered the product via telephone and received it the next day by signed delivery.”

Kelly's Personal Testimonial, Co. Antrim, Ireland

I heard about Salin Plus Salt therapy via a family member, however, at first I was dubious as to how this product could resolve my chronic sinus pain and re-occurring tonsillitis.

“Following a hospital stay for tonsillitis, I realised I needed to at least try this recommended product as my conditions were dramatically impacting my daily life and I was having to take time off work to recover.”

I felt no congestion or the usual heaviness that I have felt every day for the past 10 years. Prior to Salin Plus Salt therapy I had an infection every 6-8 weeks often requiring antibiotics.

"I am now symptom free and waking up fresher, happier and more energised to enjoy life. With a 90 day money back guarantee when purchased online – you have nothing to lose!"