EllieMae got relief from bronchitis

Tanya & EllieMae's Story

"I bought the Salin Plus machine back in October 2015, it had been recommended to me by my pharmacist in Virginia a number of times.”

Tanya, Mother to EllieMae, Sherlock, Cavan

After having her at the doctor every 2 weeks since summer last year and the doc also recommended this machine I bit the bullet and got one straight away to try help my daughter by helping her breathe better at night and prevent relapse infections.

“My daughter was still sleeping in my room at this time and I started by leaving the machine on constantly for the first 2-3 weeks and after this time even I had noticed a big difference in breathing at night.”

Usually I would need to use Vick through the night for blocked nose and same for the daughter and after this time we were both sleeping through the night. Since we have got this there has been a significant drop in our visits to the GP and she is doing much better. Since moving her into her own room i personally feel I am missing he benefits of it at night and will be getting a second machine over the next few weeks as I am expecting our 2nd Baby.



"I have recommended this salt therapy to friends and family and I am just sorry we didn't buy this sooner. Many thanks Salin Plus"