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Jim's Story

"Since using the Salin® Plus Air Purifier, I’ve noticed a big difference to the way I feel and I’ve noticed a huge improvement to my sleep.”

Jim's Personal Testimonial, United Kingdom

48 year old Jim has suffered with sinus problems all his life which have significantly impacted on his everyday routine, both at work and socially. “I have suffered with blocked sinuses for as long as I can remember and it really affected my day to day life. I would wake up with severe head and throat pain, sore gums and felt exhausted. Because my energy levels were very low, my concentration at work was affected and I didn’t feel that I could give of my full potential. I love playing sport but found that I didn’t have the energy levels to exercise after work and would often end up cancelling and going home for an early night.

When my wife brought the Salin® Plus Air Purifier home with her one day, I was really interested in trying it as I am a big fan of natural alternatives. I have never liked taking any kind of medication so until now I have just put up with my sinus problems and tried a few home remedies like breathing in hot steam over a bowl. Although this would offer a quick fix, the effects weren’t long lasting.

“After just using the Salin® Plus Air Purifier for a couple of days I noticed my symptoms subsiding almost immediately. After a week I was headache-free and my sinuses were unblocked.”

I’ve been using it for a year now and can honestly say that it has improved my quality of life. I use it every night and wake up feeling refreshed, alive and my performance at work has got better. I have a lot more energy throughout the day which means that I can try and play some sort of sport every night to try make up for lost time.

"I can tell that it really does work because when I recently went on holiday I left the Salin® Plus Air Purifier behind and my sinusitis returned after a couple of days having not used it."