Peter with kids Jamie and Ellie

Jamie’s and Ellie's Story

"Although Jamie suffers with more seasonal asthma, both my children unfortunately relied on their inhalers quite a bit.”

Peter, father to Jamie and Ellie, Ireland

Having read numerous stories in the news about research highlighting the side effects that using steroids from medication such as inhalers can have on people, especially growing children, I was grateful to be recommended a natural solution by my local chemist.

“"It was a relief to find a natural treatment for my kids - we now have a drawer full of out of date steroid inhalers lying at home simply because they don't need to use them that much!”

My daughter suffers with bad to severe asthma and has a lot of problems going to bed at night. The Salin Plus Air Purifier helps to ease her breathing significantly and is a lot quicker at soothing her respiratory problems than using an inhaler - we turn it on half an hour before bed and she sleeps through the night undisturbed.

My son has also seen a great improvement- he would always get extremely red faced when playing any sport, to the point of looking almost purple, because of his breathing problems. He would always have to stop to take his inhaler, which is not something a kid wants to have to do every time he’s out playing with his friends! He now plays as much sport as he likes, everything and anything! He also previously suffered with two or three bad asthma attacks whilst at school but since using the Salin Plus Air Purifier he hasn’t had any.



"Suffering with bronchitis myself it’s been really great to find a product that works for the whole family. I would happily recommend the product to friends and family, and have done so to many already."